HB (hellbelle) wrote in thesnicketfiles,

Idea For New/Fun ASOUE Based LJ Stamping Community!

I just had an idea (and I can't believe no one has done it yet!) And that idea is that someone should totally make one of those LJ "stamping"/semi-rating communities based on which of the "Lemony Snickets" characters you are! (ie. people post their applications/answer questions, and post some photos--and then the other members vote on which "ASOUE" character the person best suits. Then, the person gets a little "stamp" graphic that the can put in their LJ or webpage featuring the member they are stamped as. All in good fun. ;))

In case there is any confusion as to the type of community I mean, here is an example of a character stamping community I own (this one is for the characters in Lord of the Rings):

So, yeah! Anyone willing to take on this idea for a community? I think it would be SO cool to have a stamping community for the ASOUE characters, not to mention cool as hell. I'd join in a second (as I'm sure others would too!) And yes, I'd just do it myself, but I already own three stamping communities--so I was sort of hoping I could auction off the idea to another taker. ;)

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